Rental / Leased Services

  • Diesel Reciprocating Fleet
  • Gas Reciprocating Fleet
  • Co-Generation Services

Project Delivery Services

  • Liquid Fuel / Gas / Solar Plants
  • Solar Hybrid Plant
  • Waste to Power Plant

EWs Rental / Leased Services & Project Delivery services have much in common except for difference of ownership of assets. Leased Service assets are owned by EW whereas Project Delivery Services are owned by EWs customers. However and interestingly, EW continues to operate, maintain and man these assets. World class O&M skills and site management techniques are common to both services thus resources are shared seamlessly. It is possible to press into service a 20 MW diesel / gas fleet for a paper plant on rent while EnergyWorks builds a permanent source of power & heat at site over time.



embracing HS & E manual in its true spirit ensuring human health, operational safety & environmental protection

procuring, handling, storing, using and disposing of hazardous substances as per MSDS

identifying Dangerous Operations on a continual basis & put in place health check-ups

World is our market and will continue to work on upgrading service delivery techniques and using cutting edge technologies while complying with HS&E policy allowing us to systematically minimize all losses and add value for all our stakeholders. This Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability.



to build business around core strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and ownership of knowledge to create & maintain competitive advantage

to embrace standardisation, process driven culture, end to end IT enabled platforms & modularity such that our assets and processes reflect these elements at the market place - world wide

to disseminate financial drivers of leasing / outsourcing / renting model to stakeholders to create awareness & advantages of this model as opposed to all pervasive buy model.

to work towards asset preservation, maintenance and protection at all times in order to be able to deliver over time while creating wealth for stakeholders

to ensure that our people have necessary skills to perform tasks effectively, efficiently and consistently right first time and every time by embracing quality management system and carrying out improvements on an ongoing basis

to recognize that rental / leased services business is a critical service orientated business and our solutions must perform 24/7 basis in line with agreed delivery obligations with our customers and wherever possible exceed expectations

World is our market and will continue to work on distributed and combined heat and power platforms while using technologies and upgrading services in order to present solutions that solve customer problems in most optimum manner. Quality Management System will guide us through this journey as we move into newer territories, diverse applications and innovative solutions to benefit our customers taking their risks off the table at the back of our professional services.

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